Conference Solutions

  • Alfatron PA2B

    Alfatron PA2B

    The ALF-PA2B is a compact-sized digital amplifier (Class-D) with 3 inputs (2 lines in and 1 balanced MIC). It is integrated with powerful functions, including bridge connection, dual-mono, EQ control, microphone mixer etc. It is a good application in different spaces, including classrooms, small meeting rooms, lecture halls,

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  • Alfatron SBUSB2C

    Alfatron SBUSB2C

    Alfatron SBUSB2C All in one conference videobar, multi-array microphone system with 180-degree mic pickup. 120 Degree Field of view, Full HD 1080p camera with a 8w loudspeaker and Multi-position mounting system. OBS SOFTWARE COMPATIBLE. 7 YEAR WARRANTY

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  • Live rooms - Easy and versatile room booking

    Live rooms - Easy and versatile room booking

    Live Rooms is a room booking solution that simplifies your meeting room booking process. With the ability to book from your desktop PC calendar or live at the source, Live Rooms has LED lighting to see at glance the status of the meeting room ensuring staff can swiftly locate a meeting room without wasting valuable productivity time.

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    for live sound, presentations and installations The WMS420 wireless microphone system provides a highly flexible as well as easy to use solution. The ultra high frequency system is set up within seconds and is equally suitable on stage as well as in locations where a single- or multi channel solution is needed.

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  • Vocal Microphone

    Vocal Microphone

    Cardioid vocal microphone offers an extended high frequency response and rugged construction to withstand the rigors of touring. Features include a built-in 3-point shock mount to minimize handling noise and a 2-stage pop filter to reduce wind noise.

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  • Alfatron ALFC-606

    Alfatron ALFC-606

    Alfatron ALFC-606 2 way 6” loudspeaker with backbox 30W 8Ω 30/15/7.5W @ 70V/100V, 70-20,000Hz 90dB 1W 1M Dimensions (L x H): 270mm x 180mm, mounting hole 250mm diameter White

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  • Conference Mixer Amplifier with 6 Mic Input (60W)

    Conference Mixer Amplifier with 6 Mic Input (60W)

    Convenient and reliable operation mode, integrated functional design. 4 line inputs, a line output, and 6 microphone inputs (balanced with 24 V phantom power supply).

  • Aver CAM550

    Aver CAM550

    Dual Lens Gesture Control Dynamic Framing HDMI 1080p Smart Gallery